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The objective of Chiu Lau Kung Fu College is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle through the development of our students’ spirit, energy, and strength.

Adopting the Kung Fu lifestyle offers many benefits to practitioners with respect to both martial arts and everyday life skills.

By training consistently in class and at home, students will notice a transformation in their bodies, abilities, and minds. These changes may be immediate or gradual, linear, or exponential, depending on the student’s level of commitment.

Students will notice an overall improvement in their stamina, flexibility, and strength. Kung Fu will enhance the overall coordination of the body, balance, footwork, and agility. Training improves our physical and mental strength and cultivates our internal and external Chi energy. Students will gain a boost in their everyday energy and obtain an increased level of fitness.

Kung Fu can be described as action meditation. Kung Fu trains the mind in unison with the body. It teaches how to think quickly, clearly, and calmly to react and be decisive with our actions. Kung Fu improves overall focus, discipline, and mental clarity.

Martial arts training teaches the body to react automatically in response to confrontation. This enhances overall awareness of self, others, and surroundings to be able to quickly assess and react as necessary to conflict.

Kung Fu also provides great health benefits. The forms and exercises were designed centuries ago by our Kung Fu ancestors to augment the free flow of Chi energy within the body, improving health, circulation, vitality, and overall well-being. Kung Fu is often described as the fountain of youth.

Wing Chun concepts are easily translated outside of self-defence applications and into daily life. It shows to us how to remain balanced and relaxed throughout life, to accept what comes and to respond in the most efficient way. The skills taught at Chiu Lau Kung Fu College demonstrate a way to overcome problems and strengthen ourselves inside and out.

Kung Fu is a way of life


Chiu Lau Kung Fu College seeks to enhance our communities through the personal development of our students.

Under the mentorship and guidance of our Black Belts, students receive many opportunities for self-improvement and the development of leadership skills.

As Kung Fu students grow within our school, they will develop invaluable attributes, along with self-defence skills, that will put them on the path to successes in life. These qualities include confidence, focus, discipline, humbleness, loyalty, respect, problem solving, and leadership.

Chiu Lau Kung Fu College is committed to get you from a white belt to Black Belt. Our Sifus will provide individual and class feedback to identify strengths and weaknesses and show how to improve.

Our Black Belt students and Sifus provide valuable peer support within the class environment to help all students excel in their Kung Fu training and personal development. We learn by watching, we learn by doing, and we lead by example.

With knowledge comes responsibility. As students advance towards their Black Belt, they will be called upon to lead group drills and exercises under the guidance of our Sifus. This is an opportunity for students to gain confidence and develop their leadership skills in a positive motivating environment.

Chiu Lau Kung Fu College trains our students to be successful inside and outside of the school.