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Master Chiu Lau, founder and chief instructor of Chiu Lau Wing Chun Kung Fu College, has been studying various martial arts from the age of fourteen. Not fully satisfied with each different style he studied, he continued to search for a style that would fit his characteristics and physique. When he discovered Wing Chun, he knew he had at last found the style he had been searching for all those many years - a style with which he could become as one. He has studied the techniques faithfully for twenty years, and has mastered the complex techniques of Wing Chun. Master Lau then turned his attention to teaching Wing Chun to others. His many diverse experiences were merged with his knowledge of various martial arts styles to provide insightful explanations to his students on the advantages of Wing Chun. Master Lau continues to strengthen and enhance his teaching abilities. The following lists his many teaching experiences:

1973: Lakehead Karate Club, Lakehead University
1974: University of Toronto
1975: Private Classes
1976: University of Saskatchewan
1978: Vancouver School Board (public classes)
1980: University of Alberta; Dickensfield Library (junior classes); Private Classes
1981: Grant MacEwan College; University of Alberta Kung Fu Club
1986: Alberta Kung Fu School
1992: Aldergrove Kung Fu School
1995-Present: Chiu Lau Kung Fu College

Throughout this period, Master Lau also continued his academic studies and now holds a Bachelors Degree from the University of Toronto in Economics and a Master Degree in Business Administration from the University of Saskatchewan. Meanwhile, he also founded four restaurants named Lee Garden to commemorate the late martial art hero, Bruce Lee. Master Lau also takes advantage of all the opportunities available to him in Hong Kong and China to improve his teaching skill. In 2005, Sifu Chiu Lau became an Honourary Shaolin Monk after studying with the Monks in China.

Kung fu Family:
Our Wing Chun Family Tree:
1) Master Ip Man
2) Master Wong Cze Wing
3) Master Dennis Chau Lin Fat
4) Master Chiu Lau