Chiu Lau Kung Fu Wing Chun College


Chiu Lau Kung Fu College specializes in Wing Chun and Shaolin kung fu.

Wing Chun is used to develop self defense skills while the Shaolin training provides students with a strong fitness foundation. This program provides our students with balanced kung fu training to cultivate both internal and external elements. We do not view this as two separate styles of kung fu but rather a unified approach with one objective – confidence.

Chiu Lau Kung Fu College classes include students of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels. This promotes a positive learning environment where the progress of junior students is encouraged by the senior students leading by example. All students focus on the same curriculum however expectations from Sifu will vary depending on the level of the student. This approach to the class structure provides the maximum benefit for students and improves the overall quality of our school.

Typically our kung fu workout will consist of a warm-up routine involving running, jumping, kicking, stretching or drilling basic techniques. We may focus on learning a new kung fu form, iron shirt training, Wing Chun techniques, partner drills, sticky hands, sparring, footwork, wooden dummy, weapons, etc. – It all depends on what Sifu's current focus is for the students. Classes finish with a warm-down period with a focus on core strengthening, Chi Gung and meditation. Class duration is two hours.

Following Sifu Chiu Lau's class structure and instructions will provide students with the maximum benefits one can gain from training Kung Fu.